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Opening an account and placing orders with Eastern Trust is quite simple. To open a trading account, you need merely to complete Customer Account documentation and to place funds into the foreign institution segregated client account to secure your opening balance. Upon completion of our administrative review or your account documentation, you may commence trading.


It is well known and widely recognized that trading involves the risk of loss alongside the possibilities of gain. The value of personal and corporate investments may go down. Investors who trade in financial instruments denominated in currencies other than the currency in which that investment is made are also exposed to exchange rate fluctuations. No brokerage firm can absolutely guarantee profits from trading. Therefore, trading is not a suitable investment strategy for all investors.


1. A Proven Track Record. Eastern Trust has a proven track record in exceeding the expectations of our clients. These successes have been achieved through extensive market research and analysis, optimum market timing, and innovative investment structuring. In particular, Eastern Trust emphasizes solid research fundamentals that allow us to evaluate both the long-term and short-term implications of market activity and to achieve superior returns by optimizing the timing of our client’s investments and by proactively identifying investment opportunities.

2. Wide Range of Services. Eastern Trust provides a wide of brokerage services in trading the following areas such as Spot & Forward Currencies (Forex), Options, Over-The-Counter(OTC) and Exchange-for-Physical (EFP) Products.

3. Integrity and Professionalism. Eastern Trust provides brokerage services with absolute integrity and professionalism. Eastern Trust’s operations are regulated by UAE Central Bank guidelines, which include stringent financial and ethical requirements. We also manage our client’s accounts on a fully disclosed basis to ensure fairness and honesty.

4. Client Commitment. Our services and investment advice are individually structured to the investment objectives of our clients. Eastern Trust places tremendous emphasis on client accountability and responsive communication and believes that our focus on client commitment is a valuable component to our success. Our goal is to use the superior knowledge and experience of Eastern Trust to match the opportunities found in today’s markets with the individual needs of our clients.

5. Access to Top Global Financial Institutions. Eastern Trust has long-standing strategic alliance with elite global financial institutions, including top clearing brokers in London, New York & Chicago. These alliances, combined with Eastern Trust’s capabilities, place us in the enviable position of being able to uncover and act upon a variety of investment opportunities that are available only to a select group.

Licensed and Regulated by the UAE Central Bank