Getting Started

Whether you choose to open a new account with Eastern Trust or transfer your account from another firm, we have made the opening process simple. Just enter the information on the request form and we will immediately send you the necessary paperwork to open your trading account.
For rush delivery, indicate that you would like it expedited on the account request form.

» Open a US dollar Margin Trading Account
Investor signs the Customer Agreement Forms provided by the institutions and opens Trading Account under his/her name. The Investor directly transfers funds to the account of such institutions through a bank for further credit to the client’s Margin Trading Account.

» Withdrawal of Funds BY Clients
Clients can withdraw from their Trading accounts by signing the withdrawal forms or by sending 
instruction to the concerned institutions or bank.
» Open an Account
You will open an account with our principal in the USA/UK, while trading instructions are issued from Eastern Trust at your discretion. Please fill out the form below. One of our Accounts Executives will contact you shortly
OR contact the Marketing Department for a discussion.

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